Fiscal Year 1999 Awards

A listing of KU humanities scholars awarded grants and fellowships by external agencies as a result of applications submitted between July 1, 1998 and June 30, 1999 follows.

Individual Awards

Name Agency/Award Project Title
Marie Aquilino American Association of University Women, Fellowship     "At an Improper Distance, Studies in Domestic Violence and Contemporary Visual Culture"
Victor Bailey National Endowment for the Humanities, Summer Stipend; American Philosophical Society, Grant; National Science Foundation, Summer Stipend (declined); National Endowment for the Humanities, Fellowship; the University of London Institute of Historical Research, Fellowship "The Rise and Demise of Rehabilitation: Punishment, Culture and Society in Modern Britain"
David Bergeron Huntington, British Academy Fellowship "Prefatory Material in English Dramatic Texts, 1558-1642"
Edith Clowes National Endowment for the Humanities, Fellowship "The Displaced Discourse: Modern Russian Writing Culture and the Integration of Philosophy"
Jonathan Earle Huntington Library, Fellowship; American Council of Learned Societies, Fellowship "The Undaunted Democracy: Jacksonian Anti-Slavery and Free Soil, 1828-1854"
Patrick Frank American Philosophical Society, Franklin Research Grant "Los Artistas del Pueblo: Social Realism in Argentine Graphic Arts, 1918-1935"
Joseph Harrington Huntington, Fellowship "Poetry and the Public: The Social Form of Modern U.S. Poetics"
Eric Love Ford Foundation, Fellowship "Race Over Empire: Racism and United States Imperialism, 1865-1900"
Anna Neill UCLA Center for 17th-& 18th Century Studies, Ahmanson-Getty Postdoctoral Fellowship; Newberry Library, Fellowship "Worlding a Wilderness: Global Commerce, Sovereignty and British Discovery Literature, 1680-1780"
Mark Reaney Leverhulme, Fellowship "A Re-Working of A Midsummer’s Night's Dream with VR Technology"
Hagith Sivan American Philosophical Society, Franklin Research Grant  
Edward S. Small American Philosophical Society, Franklin Research Grant "History and Theory of Animation: Research at Montreal’s National Film Board"
John T. Teramoto International Research Center for Japanese Studies, Fellowship "The Cultural History of the Body: As Seen Through Images"
Juan Velasco UCLA Institute of American Cultures, Chicano Studies Research Center Fellowship "Labyrinths of Self: Transnational Migrations, Hybrid Identities, and Diasporic Space in Contemporary Mexican-American Visual and Literary Culture"

Institutional Awards

Name Agency/Award Project Title
Frank Baron Siemens Transportation Systems, Inc., visiting professorship grant;  Max Kade Foundation, Grant;  Austrian Institute, Grant  
Beverly Mack U.S. Department of Education Title VI "Enhancing Less Commonly Taught Languages and Cultures and Internationalizing Professional Schools through Internships Abroad"


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