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Humanities Lecture Series History

9/12/19 Brittney Cooper Eloquent Rage: A Black Feminist Discovers Her Superpowers
4/11/19 Jesmyn Ward An Evening with Jesmyn Ward
2/7/19 Walter Mosley Political Optimism in the Age of Trump
11/19/18 Neil Gaiman An Evening with Neil Gaiman
10/25/18 Marie Grace Brown Body Movements: Positioning Sudanese Women in an Age of Empire
9/25/18 Maria Hinojosa Frontline: Latinos and Immigration from a Woman's Perspective
4/19/18 Andrea Wulf The Invention of Nature: Alexander Von Humboldt's New World
3/26/18 Brian Donovan American Gold Digger: Law, Culture, and Marriage in the Early 20th Century
2/23/18 Peter Balakian A Conversation with Poet Peter Balakian
11/14/17 Matthew Desmond Evicted: Poverty & Profit in the American City
10/5/17 Joan Breton Connelly The Parthenon Enigma
9/26/17 Siddhartha Mukherjee The Gene: An Intimate History
4/11/17 Evan Osnos The Age of Ambition: Chasing Fortune, Truth, and Faith in the New China
2/23/17 Matthew Stewart Nature's God: The Heretical Origins of the American Republic
12/1/17 Zadie Smith Why Write?: An Evening with Zadie Smith
11/17/16 Terrance Hayes An Evening with Terrance Hayes
9/13/16 Alice Dreger Good Causes, Bad Acts
4/14/16 Robin D.G. Kelley Mike Brown's Body: A Meditation on War, Race, and Democracy
3/22/16 Hannah Britton Human Trafficking in the Heartland
2/10/16 Iain McCalman The Great Barrier Reef
11/17/15 Krista Tippet The Adventure of Civility
10/21/15 Alice Goffman On the Run: Fugitive Life in the American City
9/16/15 Rick Perlstein The Invisible Bridge: From Nixon to Reagan to Palin and Beyond
4/9/15 James Oakes Rethinking Emancipation: Freedom National
3/3/15 Natasha Trethewey Poetry & History: An Evening with U.S. Poet Laureate Natasha Trethewey
2/18/15 Anna Deveare Smith Snapshots: Portraits of a World in Transition
11/3/14 Amy Wilentz Haiti: Tragedy & Hope
10/7/14 John Symons What Can We Teach Our Posthuman Descendants?
9/16/14 Katherine Boo Behind the Beautiful Forevers: Life, Death, and Hope in a Mumbai Undercity
4/24/14 Jeffrey Toobin The Supreme Court in the Age of Obama
3/11/14 Peter Brown Through the Eye of a Needle: Wealth, the Fall of Rome, and the Making of Christianity in the West, 350-500 AD
2/13/14 Anne D. Hedeman Imagining the Past: Interplay Between Literary & Visual Imagery in Late Medieval France
11/18/13 Junot Diaz An Evening with Junot Diaz: Literature, Diaspora, and Immigration
10/22/13 Jill Lepore Unseen - The History of Privacy
9/12/13 Arsalan Iftikhar The Role of Islam in Post 9/11 America
3/13/13 Edwidge Danticat An Evening with Edwidge Danticat
11/14/12 Stephen Greenblatt The Swerve: How the World Became Modern
10/24/12 Robin Rowland From Hope to Audacity: The Evolution of President Obama's Rhetoric and the 2012 Campaign
10/10/12 Sarah Vowell An Evening with Sarah Vowell
9/6/12 Nikky Finney Making Poetry in Our Anthropocene Age
4/10/12 Jamaica Kincaid Landscapes and Memory
3/14/12 Alain de Botton Religion for Athiests
2/16/12 Jeff Moran The Antievolution Controversies and American Culture
11/17/11 Luois Menand A Man is Shot: The Cold War Meaning of a Cinematic Technique
10/18/11 Diane Ravitch Will School Reform Improve the Schools?
9/20/11 Laurance Rees Talking with Nazis
4/14/11 Henry Louis Gates, Jr African American Lives: Geneaology, Genetics, and Black History
3/10/11 Mae Ngai Illegal Immigration: Origins and Consequences
2/9/11 Susan Harris Pious Hypocrisies: Mark Twain, the Phillipines, and America's Christian Mission
11/16/10 Joseph O'Neill An Evening with Joseph O'Neill
10/19/10 Ross Douthat The Obama Presidency in the Shadow of the Midterms
9/13/10 Elizabeth Kolbert Science, Politics, and Climate Change
4/20/10 Kevin Wilmott Revolution, History, and the Power of Independent Film to Change the World
3/23/10 Mary Oliver An Evening with Poet Mary Oliver
2/16/10 Rory Stewart Afghanistan: Rhetoric and Reality
11/17/09 Chris Abani Stories of Struggle, Stories of Hope: Art, Politics, and Human Rights
10/22/09 T.R. Reid We're Number 37! Why Other Countries Have Better, Fairier, and Cheaper Healthcare than the USA
9/25/09 Lewis Hyde Culture as Commonwealth
4/20/09 Dipesh Chakrabarty The Decline and Prospect of Universal History
2/24/09 James McBride The Color Of Water: Search for Identity
2/5/09 Anthony Corbeill Androgynous Gods, Androgynous Nouns, and the Invention of Heterosexuality in Ancient Rome
11/18/08 Jeannette Walls The Glass Castle: Hunting Demons and Other Life Lessons
10/27/08 Michael Chabon Conquering the Wilderness: Imaginative Imperialism and the Invasion of Legoland
9/23/08 Susan Estrich The 2008 Election: What's at Stake
4/24/08 Carol Ann Carter Art @ Work: Mapping Transformation
4/2/08 Ian Buruma Among the Unbelievers: Muslims in Europe
2/27/08 Paul Muldoon The Eternity of the Poem
11/8/07 Orville Schell The China Miracle: How Did It Happen and How Durable Is It?
10/22/07 Sara Ahmed The Promise of Happiness
9/24/07 Alexander McCall Smith The Very Small Things of Life: An Evening with Alexander McCall Smith
4/10/07 Maria Carlson (KU, Slavic) Culture and History Matter: Russia's Search for Identity After the Fall
3/1/07 Kwame Anthony Appiah Making Sense of Moral Conflict
11/2/06 Nancy Cott Grooming Citizens: Marriage and Civic Status in U.S. History
10/16/06 Richard Dawkins The God Delusion
9/12/06 Nuruddin Farah The Fork in the Fork in the Road
8/28/06 Andrei Codrescu An Evening with Andrei Codrescu
4/5/06 Allan Cigler (KU, Poli Sci) The New Electoral Landscape: Two Political Churches and an Unbelieving Mass Electorate
2/16/06 Scott Turow Confessions of a Death Penalty Agnostic
11/17/05 Samantha Power Can U.S. Foreign Policy Be Fixed?
10/6/05 Salman Rushdie Step Across This Line: An Evening with Salman Rushdie
9/14/05 Deborah Lipstadt History On Trial: My Day in Court with David Irving
4/5/05 Ted Wilson (KU, History) The GI Generations: Sending American Soldiers into Battle in World War II
2/17/05 Akbar Ahmed Islam Under Siege
11/11/04 Rita Dove The Poet at the Dance
10/28/04 Steven Pinker The Blank Slate: The Modern Denial of Human Nature
9/30/04 Gary Hart Security in the New Age of the 21st Century
4/15/04 E.O. Wilson The Future of Life
2/26/04 Linda Stone-Ferrier (KU, History of Art) The Rembrandt Research Project: Issues and Controversies
4/3/03 David Bergeron (KU, English) Shakespeare in the Closet
10/29/03 Sherman Alexie Killing Indians: Myths, Lies and Exaggerations
9/4/03 Peter Gay Modernism in Exile
1/31/03 Paule Marshall Triangular Quest for Self and Community: Brooklyn - Barbados - Benin
11/21/02 Robert D. Kaplan The Roots of Future Conflict
10/24/02 Jared Diamond Guns, Germs and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies
4/25/02 Dava Sobel Galileo's Reconciliation: Science and Faith
2/21/02 Frances Reid & Deborah Hoffman Long Night's Journey into Day
1/31/02 Alice Walker Remembering Langston
11/15/01 Joane Nagel (KU, Soclology) The Color of Sex: Race, Ethnicity and Sexuality in America
10/4/01 Edward Said the Dilemmas of American Humanism
4/5/01 Stan Lombardo (KU, Classics) Homer's Light
3/8/01 Donna J. Haraway The Birth of the Kennel: Diversity in the Dog Genome
11/1/00 Robert Darnton Poetry and the Police in the 18th Century
10/24/00 Julian Bond Crossing the Color Line: From Rhythm and Blues to Rock'n'Roll
4/26/00 Jeane J. Kirkpatrick Year 2000: Global Issues
2/10/00 Anna Deavere Smith Snapshots: Glimpses of America in Change
11/13/99 Jonathan Kozol Love Against Fear: The Ethics and Compassion of Young Children Under Siege
10/6/99 Stephen Jay Gould Questioning the Millennium: Why We Cannot Predict the Future
3/15/99 Patricia Williams Toward a Theory of Grace
2/11/99 John Michael Vlach The Strength of These Arms: Endurance, Creativity and Authority in the Plantation Landscape
10/21/98 JoAnne Akalaitis Living in Performance
9/23/98 Sandra Zimdars-Swartz (KU, Religion) Wounds on Wounds: Christianity, Pain and Religious Experience
4/7/98 Robert Hemenway (KU) Humanities and American Politics
3/2/98 Nancy Kassabaum Baker An Evening with Nancy
2/5/98 Ira Michael Heyman Exhibition Dilemmas
11/18/97 Donald Worster (KU, History) The Inhabited Prairie: Nature and Culture on the Great Plains
11/5/97 Winona LaDuke Native American Environmentalism at the Cusp of the Millennium
3/11/97 Rolena Adorno The Spanish New World in the Narrative Imagination
2/21/97 Richard White Working with Nature
10/23/96 Gwendolyn Brooks Poetry Reading
9/10/96 Charles Eldredge (KU, History of Art) John Steuart Curry, Prairie Prodigal
3/7/96 Kwame Anthony Appiah Against National Culture: For Cosmopolitan Patriotism
11/16/95 Bernard Williams Truthfulness and Democratic Politics
10/5/95 Carol Gluck War and Memory in Japan- Fifty Years Later
9/28/95 Daniel T. Politoske (KU, Music and Dance) From Berlin to Krakow: Musical Treasures Rediscovered
3/15/95 Drucilla Cornell Pornography's Temptation
11/10/94 Manning Marable Beyond Black and White: Unlearning Racism
10/18/94 Elizabeth Broun Childe Hassam's America
9/29/94 Janet Sharistanian (KU, English) Gender, Modernism, Politics: The Case of Tess Slesinger
4/14/94 Sheldon Hackney Beyond the Culture Wars
4/14/94 Cornel West Beyond Eurocentrism and Multiculturalism
11/11/93 Dominick LaCapra The Return of the Historically Repressed: Secularization and Approaches to the Holocaust
10/5/93 Del Brinkman (KU, Journalism) William Allen Wight and the Presidents: Fifty Years of Influence on Washington by a Small-Town Kansas Editor
4/24/93 Gordon Parks Creativity
3/18/93 Rex Martin (KU, Philosophy) Are Rights Enough? Social Justice in Our Nations Third Century
2/25/93 Martin Jay Modernism, Post Modernism: The Denigration of Vision in Twentieth Century French Thought
10/20/92 Roberto Gonzalez Echevarria The Second Discovery of America: History and Literature in the Writings of Peter Martyr d'Anghiera
3/26/92 Patricia Limerick Troubled Land and Haunted Places: A Re-envisioning of the American West
2/27/92 Martha Banta Imperialist Acts and Efficiency Movements at the Turn of the Century: Veblen, Cuba and the Jameses
10/21/91 Jacques D'Amboise The Arts Set the Stage for Life
9/26/91 Ronald Willis (KU, Theatre and Film) The Answer is Theater! What's the Question?
3/26/91 Lawrence Levine The Meaning of America: Frank Capra and the Politics of Culture During the Great Depression
2/21/91 Arnold Rampersad Four Black American Lives: Du Bois, Hughes, Hurston and Wright
11/15/90 Patricia Graham Collaborating for Children in Schools: Historical Views
10/10/90 Boris Notkin Good Evening from Moscow
9/25/90 John G. Clark (KU, History) Her Huge Shadow: Energy and America's Responsibilities to the Globe
4/26/90 William Cronon Dust Bowl Days: Stories of Environmental Change
11/2/89 Catharine R. Stimpson Women, Literature and Society
10/2/89 Anthony Seeger Folk Music and American Culture
9/21/89 Peter Cassagrande (KU, English) Moving Easy in Harness: Creativity and Constraint
4/20/89 Ivar Ivask An Evening with Ivar Ivask
2/23/89 Paul Kurtz What is Secular Humanism?
1/31/89 William McGlaughlin An Evening with William McGlaughlin
1988-89 Chu-Tsing Li (KU, History of Art)  
1987-88 Robert Hudson (KU, History of Medicine)  
1986-87 Victor Papanek (KU, Arch & Urban Design)  
1985-86 Elizabeth Shultz (KU, English)  
1984-85 Richard Schowen (KU, Biochemistry)  
1983-84 Frances Heller (KU, Law)  
1982-83 Frances Horowitz (KU, Hum Development)  
1981-82 Jim Moeser (KU, Music)  
1980-81 Richard DeGeorge (KU, Philosophy)  
1979-80 Harold Orel (KU, English  
1978-79 William Griffith(KU, History)  
1977-78 Barbara Craig (KU, French)  
1976-77 Andrew Debicki (KU, Span & Port)  
1975-76 Stitt Robinson (KU, History)  
1974-75 George Lawner (KU, Music)  
1973-74 Marilyn Stokstad (KU, Art History)  
1972-73 William P. Albrecht (KU, English)  
1971-72 Oswald P. Backus (KU, History)  
1970-71 John Brushwood (KU, Span and Port)  
1969-70 Milton Steinhardt (KU, Music)  
1968-69 Donald R McCoy (KU, History)  
1967-68 Merrel D. Clubb (KU, English)  
1966-67 Clifford Griffin (KU, Hisotry)  
1965-66 Paul Roofe (KU, History of Medicine)  
1964-65 James Seaver (KU, History)  
1963-64 Richard DeGeorge (KU, Philosophy)  
1962-63 Elmer Beth (KU, Journalism)  
1962-63 Errol Harris (KU, Philosophy)  
1961-62 Mary Grant (KU, Classics)  
1960-61 W. Clarke Wescoe (KU, Chancellor)  
1959-60 Jan Chiapusso (KU, Music)  
1958-59 William Paden (KU, Englsh)  
1957-58 M. Carl Slough (KU, Law)  
1956-57 L. R. Lind (KU, Classics)  
1955-56 J. Neale Carman (KU, Frence)  
10/7/47 T.V. Smith The Humanities and Modern Life

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