We all have just 24 hours in every day. Developing a competitive fellowship or grant application will require you to make a firm commitment of your time and effort. 

The level of service we can provide depends on when you begin to work with us, and the priority you place on your own proposal. Contact us when you first realize your project could be enhanced by an infusion of external funds; we will help you to identify funding sources, work out an application timeline, and assist you through the application and submission process. Maximize your chances of winning an award by starting early and working steadily. See links on the left for details about RGDO services, note that timelines for fellowships and institutional grants differ significantly. 


RGDO requires all FINAL (ready to submit) grant or fellowship application components by 8:30 a.m. five (5) working days (Monday through Friday) prior to the agency's deadline in order to provide compliance review and to assemble and submit your proposal.

RGDO requires near-final drafts by 8:30 a.m. ten (10) working days (Monday Through Friday) prior to the agency's deadline in order to provide full component review with editorial comment.  

For more information, contact us at:

Research & Grant Development Office
Hall Center for the Humanities
Phone: 785-864-7887; 785-864-7833; 785-864-7834

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