Hall Center Executive Committee

The Hall Center Executive Committee serves in an advisory capacity to the Center's director. The members are drawn from among humanities faculty at the University. The Committee plays an important role in guiding the Center's program development.

Executive Committee

  • VerĂ³nica Garibotto, Chair, Spanish & Portuguese
  • Genelle Belmas, Journalism
  • Kathryn Conrad, English
  • Erin Frykholm, Philosophy
  • Sheyda Jahanbani, History
  • Megan Kaminski, English
  • Elaine Nelson, History
  • Brad Osborn, Music
  • Dave Tell, Communication Studies


  • Giselle Anatol, Interim Director, Hall Center
  • Andrew Hodgson, Assistant Director, Hall Center
  • Kathleen Lane, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research