Research and Grant Development Office

Mission: We support research development, stimulate external grant and fellowship activities, and help to enhance the quality of applications by KU humanities scholars.

The Research and Grant Development Office (RGDO) offers a time-dependent range of grant proposal development assistance on a first-come, first-served basis. The earlier you begin working with us, the more focused assistance we can provide. For basic services, we must receive all grant materials at least two working weeks (Monday through Friday) before the target granting agency's deadline. The deadline for all final materials is one work week prior to the agency's deadline.

Fellowship Proposal Development Timeline: 6+ Weeks

If you start working with us at least six weeks before the agency's deadline we can assist with:

  • Establishing a grant proposal development plan to help stay on track and meet deadlines
  • Planning your approach and timeline for completing required elements
  • Registering online applications and preparing agency forms
  • Reviewing and editing draft and final documents
  • Collecting and integrating KU institutional information as may be required
  • Developing a budget and justification (if needed)
  • Assembling and submitting completed application packets

Institutional Grant Proposal Development Timeline: 6+ Months

Institutional proposals must be submitted through the KU Center for Research (KUCR) or KU Endowment Association (KUEA). They typically require detailed budgets, have complex forms, require extensive documentation, and may involve collaborators. Applications to federal agencies and those involving human studies must be submitted through KUCR. Given sufficient lead time, in addition to the above services, we will interface with KUCR or KUEA on your behalf and help you manage the proposal development and application process. See Grant Development Workflow for more details.

Post Award Assistance

Individual Awards: If you win a fellowship that covers at least half your academic year base salary, RGDO is the starting point to prepare an application to the University's Supplemental Salary Fund program for salary bridge funding and research leave.

Institutional Awards: RGDO can also provide advice about interfacing with KUCR or KUEA and the Shared Service Center to effectively set up and manage institutional grants.


RGDO offers learning opportunities for humanities scholars seeking to enhance their skills their competitiveness for grants and fellowships. We offer various workshops each semester and are available to speak to classes or groups about grant and fellowship proposal development and resources. If you would like a member of the RGDO team to present an introductory grant development workshop or related training, please e-mail for information and availability.