First Book Workshop: Spring 2020

Deadline to Apply: November 18, 2019 at 11:59PM

This workshop introduces early career faculty to the process of publishing a first scholarly book. Throughout the course of the workshop, which is offered in alternate years and meets five to six times during the spring semester, workshop leaders will guide participants through topics such as the differences between a dissertation and book manuscript, how to approach a press editor, how to submit a prospectus to a publisher, and what happens after a manuscript has been accepted for publication. The workshop will also include the opportunity to meet a representative from an academic press. The final product of the workshop will be an effective book prospectus that is ready for submission to a publisher. Participants will receive consistent feedback on their prospectus and publishing plans from the workshop leaders and fellow participants. 

Workshop Leaders for 2019-2020:

Eligible participants will be faculty in the humanities, arts, or humanistic social sciences working on a first book publication that is a non-fiction scholarly monograph. Participants should have a flexible enough schedule during the spring semester that regular meetings on weekdays are possible (exact days and times to be determined by the schedules of all workshop members).

Participation in the workshop is determined by a competitive application process. Please prepare an application packet that includes the following information and email it to Hall Center Assistant Director Andrew Hodgson at as a PDF attachment:

  • CV including contact information, departmental affiliation, and time at KU
  • Two-paragraph abstract of book project that includes title of book

Send this complete information in an email attachment to Hall Center Assistant Director Andrew Hodgson ( by Monday, November 18th at 11:59pm.

The number of workshop participants is limited. You will be notified in December if your application has been accepted. If you confirm acceptance, you are agreeing to attend all sessions, read assigned materials, and draft a book prospectus for distribution to the group.

Applicants should direct all questions about the First Book Workshop to Hall Center Assistant Director Andrew Hodgson (