Graduate Student Research Travel Grants – Application Instructions

Deadline: Monday, February 13, 2023 11:59pm


Graduate Student Research Travel Grants provide KU graduate students with financial support for humanities-oriented research (such as archival work, fieldwork, or interviews) that requires domestic or international travel. Funds can be used for transportation, lodging, meals reimbursement, and project-related expenses (e.g., photocopying, access fees). 

The Hall Center awards ten Graduate Student Research Travel Grants of up to $3500 each per year. The money is received in the form of reimbursement for travel expenses. The grants reimburse awardees for travel-related and research expenses up to the maximum amount stated in the award letter.  Only one application per graduate student is permitted each year.

One of these ten awards is named the Andrew Debicki International Graduate Travel Award and supports travel outside the United States. (This award is provided by Mary-Elizabeth Guinness, formerly Debicki, in honor of University Distinguished Professor Andrew P. Debicki, former Dean of the Graduate School and former director of the Hall Center for the Humanities.) 

Another of these ten awards is named the Jim Martin Graduate Travel Award and supports travel inside the United States. (This award is made possible by Kathy Martin and family, in honor of Jim Martin, former president of the KU Endowment Association and former Hall Center Advisory Board member.)

The other eight are named Hall Center for the Humanities Graduate Research Travel Awards and may be used for travel inside or outside the United States. 

This program does not support travel to conferences, travel to undertake performances, costs associated with mounting exhibitions, or residencies except in cases where the applicant can demonstrate that the location of the residency is necessary for conducting research (for example, collecting archival materials or visiting locations to be featured in a novel or other creative work).

Please note that no KU funds can be used for travel to countries on the State Department warning list.

Applications from the Arts and Social Sciences are welcome, but applicants must demonstrate the ways in which their project utilizes themes and methodologies from the humanities.

DEADLINE:  Monday, February 13, 2023 at 11:59PM


Eligible applicants will:

1. Be KU graduate students working on a humanities-oriented research or creative project who will have successfully completed all required coursework for the PhD by the end of the semester in which they are applying;

2. Demonstrate a high level of motivation, including the ability to establish and achieve goals; and

3. Have not already received a Graduate Research Travel Award from the Hall Center for the Humanities.


Award recipients are required to:

1. Complete all travel by the deadline stated in the award letter.

2. Submit a brief report describing the work accomplished and its impact on the overall project. The report is due no later than four weeks immediately following completion of research travel. Failure to comply with this requirement will make the individual ineligible for future funding from the Hall Center;  

3. Register travel through the University by completing the following TRAVEL REQUEST FORM.

4. Register international travel through the Student International Travel Registry, maintained by the KU Office of Study Abroad; and

5. Submit all receipts for reimbursement within 90 days of the date the expense was incurred to: Central accounting requires that receipts be accompanied by a travel itinerary detailing the work undertaken during each day of travel.


All application materials must be submitted through the Hall Center Competitions Portal.  Paper submissions will not be accepted.  For an application to be verified as complete, and thus forwarded for committee review, applicants must:

1. Create an account or log in to an existing account.

2. Select the Apply Now button next to this competition. 

3. Complete the Applicant Information form in the Portal.

4. Complete the Budget form in the Portal (see Budget Notes below).  Although the full amount requested will rarely be granted, please show the entire projected travel budget.

5. Upload the following materials as 3 separate PDF files:

a. Curriculum Vitae, not to exceed two pages;

b. Project Description not to exceed four double-spaced pages, with one-inch margins and twelve-point type. Endnotes are included in the page limitations. Explain the following in separate paragraphs:

* the goals, methods and significance of the project;

* its contribution to the pertinent discipline, creative genre, media, tradition, or field, and to the humanities generally;

* what the proposed travel will allow you to accomplish and what specific activities you will engage in with regard to your project;

* external funding that you have applied for and/or your plans for pursuing external funding related to this project.

c.  Degree Progress Report

1.     Log in to the myKU Portal with your KU Online ID and password.

2.     Click the My Progress link from the left menu.

3.     Select the Progress tab in the upper right-hand corner of the student information window.

4.     Click "Generate Report." 

5.     In Your Progress Tab, there is a "Checklist" Tab to the right of each DPR link.  Click the Checklist Tab, and save as a PDF.  This is the document you should submit with your application.

No extraneous materials will be considered.

Please note: The Portal's Budget form requires specific details of the planned expenditures.  The budget categories are as follows:

1. Destination (To/From).

2. Dates of Travel.

3. Airfare (Amount and Explanation).

4. Ground Transportation (Amount and Explanation).

5. Lodging (Location, # of days, $ per day).

6. Meals (# of days, $ per day).

7. Photocopying (# of copies, $ per copy).

8. Supplies (# of units, $ per unit).

9. Other Travel Related Costs.


The Hall Center Director appoints an interdisciplinary panel of KU faculty with successful grant and publishing track records to select awardees.  All applicants can access feedback from the selection committee via the online competition portal following the conclusion of the competition.


A committee of humanities graduate faculty, chaired by the Hall Center Director, will select the award recipient, according to the following criteria:

1. Quality of the conception, definition and organization of the project as presented in the project description;

2. Significance of the contribution that the completed dissertation will make to thought and knowledge in the pertinent genre, tradition, or field, and to the humanities generally;

3. Plans to apply for external funding in order to advance the project;

4. Importance of the proposed travel to the dissertation research; and.

5. Likelihood that the applicant will complete the work proposed for the travel period.


Applicants should direct questions about the Graduate Student Research Travel Grants to Hall Center Director Richard Godbeer ( or to Assistant Director Andrew Hodgson ( 

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