Fall 2022 Research Seminar Schedule

Seminars are open to all graduate students, faculty and staff of the University of Kansas and their guests. All seminars will be held from 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm. No prior registration is required. Please sign up below to receive e-mailed information about each seminar.

Papers for sessions are available as password protected PDF files via their individual entries below.

If you would like seminar paper password information, e-mail Hall Center program coordinator Erika Adair at hchseminars@ku.edu.

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Colonialism Seminar

This seminar examines the history and legacy of colonialism in Latin America. Meetings provide an opportunity for a dynamic examination of hemispherical and transatlantic connections across four major themes: identity, territory, religion, and cultural production.

For more information, contact Robert Schwaller (History, 864-9435, schwallr@ku.edu) or Christine Bourgeois (French, 864-9074, cbourgeois@ku.edu)

Brian Moreno, History – University of Kansas
“To Please the Dogs Who Barked So Much: Centralizing Visions of Evangelization and Empire, 1535-1550”

Monday, November 7, 2022 - CANCELED
Ousmane Lecoq Diop, French, Francophone, and Italian – University of Kansas
" Deconstruction of Trauma and Reconstruction in the Plural of Individuals in Nafissatou Dia Diouf La Maison des épices (2014)”

Monday, December 5, 2022 (at the Hall Center)
Justin Roberts, History – University of Kansas
"The Metrics of Mastery: Maintaining a Slave Empire in England's Global Tropics, 1640-1713”

Digital Humanities Seminar

The Digital Humanities Seminar, co-sponsored by the Institute for Digital Research in the Humanities (IDRH), provides a forum for sharing and discussion of new digitally-enabled humanities research efforts, with a specific focus on what digital humanities tools and practices can do for a range of humanistic research.

For more information, contact James Yeku (African and African-American Studies, 864-0698, jyeku@ku.edu) or Brian Rosenblum (Institute for Digital Research in the Humanities, 864-8883, brianlee@ku.edu).

Wednesday, September 21, 2022 (via Zoom)
Terry Koenig, Social Work – University of Kansas
“Coming to Cometa: Life-changing African journeys”

Monday, October 17, 2022 - CANCELED 
Jonathan P. Lamb, English – University of Kansas
“Philology at Scale: Tracing the Lexicon of the Printing Press”

Monday, November 21, 2022 - CANCELED 
Maryemma Graham, Jade Harrison, Brendan Williams-Childs & Ashley Simmons, English – University of Kansas
“Building a Reuseable HBW Workset at HathiTrust”

Thursday, December 8, 2022 - CANCELED 
Sylvia Fernández Quintanilla, Digital Technology and Culture Program – Washington State University
“Archiving Feminicides: Local and Community Digital Praxis”

Disability Studies Seminar

The Disability Studies Seminar will provide a much-needed forum for scholars to explore and share research on topics relevant to disability within and across the humanities, arts, and social sciences. Scholars within Disability Studies tend to recognize disability in terms of social construction and minority culture.

For more information, contact Ray Mizumura-Pence (American Studies, 864-2302, rpence@ku.edu) or Sherrie Tucker (American Studies, 864-2305, sjtucker@ku.edu).

Thursday, August 25, 2022 (at the Hall Center)
Danielle Nimako, Dept. of Counselor Education – Emporia State
"Autism beyond borders: Needs and service gaps for Ghanaian families and their adolescent children with autism."

Thursday, October 27, 2022 (via Zoom)
Dot Nary, Retired Faculty – University of Kansas  
Title TBA

Thursday, November 17, 2022 (at the Hall Center)
Andrew Shoemaker, University Academic Support– University of Kansas
“Exploring the Self-Determination Levels of KU Students with Documented Disabilities: Implications for Practice”

Tuesday, December 6, 2022 (at the Hall Center)
Grace Leu, Special Education – University of Kansas
“Dialogical Pedagogy: Creating Inclusive High School Class Discussions”

Gender Seminar

The Gender Seminar studies gender as a basic concept in humanistic scholarship and/or as a fundamental organizing principle in social life.

For more information, contact Marie Grace Brown (History, 864-9462, mgbrown@ku.edu) or Katie Batza (Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies, 864-2310, batza@ku.edu).

Thursday, September 1, 2022 (at the Hall Center)
Chris Forth, History – University of Kansas
“What's the Meaning of Life without Scars?: Fight Club and Fascist Vitalism in Europe”

Thursday, October 6, 2022 (at the Hall Center)
Rachel Schwaller, History – University of Kansas
”’I Left my Bible at Home’ Understanding Discipline and Martyrdom in 1980s Women's Evangelical Periodicals”

2:00 PM* Wednesday, November 9, 2022 (at the Hall Center)
Abraham Weil, Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies – University of Kansas
Rising Temperatures: Coral Bleaching, Trans Being and the Metamorphosis of Living and Dying”

Humanities Out Loud: Music, Theater, Literature & Culture Seminar

The Humanities Out Loud seminar seeks to link forms of cultural production that employ the medium of sound in the making, dissemination and/or interpretation of cultural expression. Music and other performing arts are a particularly dynamic area of culture because they emerge in public spaces and speak to identity, cultural difference, and power dynamics in inescapable ways.

For more information, contact Araceli Masterson-Algar (American Studies, 864-3851, aracelimasterson@ku.edu) or Jonathan Mayhew (Department of Spanish & Portuguese, 864-0287, jmayhew@ku.edu).

Monday, August 29, 2022 (via Zoom)
Sherrie Tucker, American Studies – University of Kansas
“Not the Whole Story(ville): Listening to Oral Histories of New Orleans Jazzwomen as Archives-in-the-Making”

Monday, September 26, 2022 (at the Hall Center)
Natalia Camacho, Spanish and Portuguese – University of Kansas
“Transgressive Subjectivities & Subversive Bodies in the Performance of the Underground Rock/Metal Scene from Latin America”

Monday, October 31, 2022 (via Zoom)
Charlie Hankin, Spanish – Colby College
“Music-Literature Crossings: Race and Sound in the Caribbean”

Monday, November 28, 2022 (at the Hall Center)
Michael Compitello, Music – Arizona State University  
“The Language of Landscapes: An Interdisciplinary Project Subsuming Concert Performance and Community Engagement”

Medieval & Early Modern Seminar

The Medieval & Early Modern Seminar meets each semester to discuss original work relating to any aspect of the history, culture, literature, art, or society of any part of the world between c. 400 and c.1800.

For more information, contact Jonathan Lamb (English, 864-2525, jonathanplamb@ku.edu) or Caroline Jewers (French & Italian, 864-9028, cjewers@ku.edu).

Friday, September 9, 2022 (at the Hall Center)
Scott Francis, Department of Romance Languages – University of Pennsylvania
“Le péché forge l’occasion”: Marguerite de Navarre’s Response to Victim Blaming.”

Friday, October 14, 2022 (at the Hall Center)
Dianne Mitchell, English – University of Colorado-Boulder
“Unclosed Forms: The Poetics of a Manuscript Book.”

Friday, November 11, 2022 (via Zoom)
Indira García Varela, Spanish and Portuguese – University of Kansas
"Renaissance, Painting and Survival: Titian’s Poesie in the House of Habsburg looked through the lenses of biopolitics” 

Friday, December 9, 2022 - CANCELELD
Emily Frederich, French, Francophone, and Italian – University of Kansas
“The Grotesque in Early Modern Art and in the Works of Rabelais and Montaigne: Frivolity, Fusion, and Functions”

Nature & Culture Seminar

Nature is our oldest home and our newest challenge. This seminar brings the perspective of the humanities to bear on past and present environmental issues. It includes research on the changing perception, representation, and valuation of nature in human life, on the reciprocal impact of environmental change on social change, and on the variety of ways we use, consume, manage, and revere the earth. Co-sponsored by Environmental Studies.

For more information, contact Phillip Drake (English, pdrake@ku.edu, 864-4520) or Alex Boynton (Environmental Studies, ajboynton@ku.edu, 864-9648)

Friday, September 2, 2022 (at the Hall Center)
Traci Voyles, Women's and Gender Studies – University of Oklahoma
Natural Childbirth: Towards an Environmental History of Reproduction”

Friday, October 7, 2022 (via Zoom)
Preston Decker, History – University of Kansas
“Reading Environmental Modernity: Human and Non-human Surroundings in the Twentieth-century Xinjiang Press.”

Friday, December 2, 2022 (at the Hall Center)
Alessandra Marino, International Development – Open University (UK)
“Reconstellating Astroenvironmentalism: Unearthing Parks, Borders and Orientalist Cosmic Imaginaries”

Trans* Studies Seminar

The core focus of trans* studies, as defined by Susan Stryker and Paisley Currah, is the study of “transsexuality and cross-dressing, some aspects of intersexuality and homosexuality, cross-cultural and historical investigations of human gender diversity, myriad specific subcultural expressions of ‘gender atypicality,’ theories of sexed embodiment and subjective gender identity development, law and public policy related to the regulation of gender expression.” The Trans* Studies Seminar will study the modes of cultural, social, political, and linguistic production of knowledge that have assembled predominant hierarchical and binary divisions between male/female, straight/queer, human/non-human across history and cultures. In keeping with the evolving place of this field in various disciplines, we find that it is important to speak of trans* studies instead of “transgender” studies because of the exciting implications for broader humanistic inquiry that such an approach promises.

For more information, contact Marta Vicente (Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies, 864-2235, mvicente@ku.edu) or Abraham Weil (Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies, 864-2310, abraham.weil@ku.edu).

2:00 PM* Wednesday, September 14, 2022 (at the Hall Center)
Marta Vicente, Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies and History – University of Kansas
“Trans* Confessions from the Inquisition to the Internet: An Introduction”

2:00 PM* Wednesday, October 12, 2022 (at the Hall Center)
Marcy Lascano, Philosophy – University of Kansas
“Anti-essentialism in Margaret Cavendish and Anne Conway”

2:00 PM* Wednesday, November 9, 2022 (at the Hall Center)
Abraham Weil, Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies – University of Kansas
Rising Temperatures: Coral Bleaching, Trans Being, and the Metamorphosis of Living and Dying”

The Urban Experience Seminar

The Urban Experience seminar focuses on urban social and cultural space and attendant relationships, both as a result of ideas and imagination, and as a function of historical, social, economic, and political forces.

For more information, contact Marie-Alice L’Heureux (Architecture, 864-1144, Malheur@ku.edu), Bradley Lane (Public Affairs & Administration, 864-2423, bwlane@ku.edu) or Hye-Sung-Han (Public Affairs and Administration, 864-0854, hshan@ku.edu).

Wednesday, September 7, 2022 (at the Hall Center)
Michael Frisch, Associate Professor of Urban Planning + Design – University of Missouri, Kansas City
Title TBA

Wednesday, October 5, 2022 (at the Hall Center)
Hye-Sung Han, Urban Planning – University of Kansas
“Black Homebuyers Location Decisions and Their Implications on Building Wealth.”

Wednesday, November 2, 2021 (at the Hall Center)
Salwa Mohammad Alawneh, PhD candidate in Architecture – University of Kansas
“Revisiting urban resilience: resilience of spatial structure in urban refugee settlements in Jordanian cities. ”

Wednesday, December 7, 2021 (at the Hall Center)
Salwa Mohammad Alawneh, Architecture – University of Kansas
“Revisiting Urban Resilience in Jordan: Resilience of Spatial Structure and Drastic Demographic Changes of Refugee Influx in Refugee Settlements in Jordanian Cities”