Sustained Giving

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Hall Center for the Humanities with sustained giving through KU Endowment’s electronic funds transfer (EFT) contribution program. This program allows you to easily pledge to KU Endowment through monthly automatic deductions from your bank account.

There are two options for submission to the EFT program:

Option 1:

Save and print THIS FORM and submit it along with a blank, voided check to KU Endowment. Upon receiving this authorization form with your voided blank check, KU Endowment will send you a confirmation of your authorization information and will notify you when your automatic deductions will begin. The first deduction will usually occur on the fourth business day of the second month after your authorization is received. A minimum of $10 a month is required for participation in EFT.

Option 2:

You may also set up monthly recurring contributions on a credit card - providing exactly how much you would like to give each month and a credit card number/expiration date/CVS. If you are interested in giving via credit card on a recurring basis, the best way to accomplish this is to call the direct KU Endowment Gift Processing line (785-830-7576) and they will help set up the pledge exactly as you wish.