Undergraduate Research Grants

Humanities Undergraduate Research Grants provide funding to support KU undergraduate students working on research projects in the humanities that require access to research materials at archives, libraries, museums, and other research sites, either locally or out-of-state. Some research sites are willing to photocopy, scan, or film materials and send them to a researcher, sometimes free of charge but more often charging for this service. Others require researchers to visit in person. Awardees can use this funding to pay for travel, board and lodging, admission fees, and/or costs associated with photocopying, scanning, or filming research materials. The size of the grant will depend on the particular needs of the student.

This program is made possible by generous gifts from Jeff and Mary Haynes Weinberg and the Jedel Family Foundation.

The humanities include History, English, Philosophy, American Studies, Religious Studies, Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies, African and African American Studies, and Art History. If your project is connected to another discipline but has a strong humanities focus, it may be eligible for funding under this program. Please contact Andrew Hodgson, Assistant Director of the Hall Center for the Humanities, at ahodgson@ku.edu if you have questions about the eligibility of your project.

·   Funds from this program are dispersed until depleted, beginning in August each year.

·   Please apply as soon as possible.

·   Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis throughout the academic year with notification of results within a month of receiving each application.

·   If your conference takes place over the summer, please be sure to apply early.

To apply for a Humanities Undergraduate Research Grant, please contact Hall Center Assistant Director Andrew Hodgson at ahodgson@ku.edu.

Questions about mentor / instructor references can also be sent to Hall Center Assistant Director Andrew Hodgson at ahodgson@ku.edu.